Medini is a travel agency based in Budva, Montenegro, which offers a wide choice of travel services in Montenegro and neighboring countries.

Our main mission is to promote Montenegro as a unique wine & gastronomic destination, through  interesting and small groups tours (up to 7 persons), that you will never forget.

We assure you that excursion that is organized by our travel agency will satisfy all your senses and wishes. On the other hand, if you want to see some popular touristic places in Montenegro we have regular tours in English and Russian organized by our partners.

In case you want to travel somewhere else from Montenegro, we are able to help with booking of airline tickets and hotels and car rental.

You enjoy biking, hiking or diving? You could’t find better place do all that or better partner to guide you through best biking and hiking trails, or show you best and most beautiful places to dive.

If you like adventures, we will show you what adventures look like in our country and how to enjoy safely and unforgettably in them.

And if you can’t imagine a good holiday without fishing, we will make sure to indulge all your wishes.

So, all you need to do is to enjoy, plan you perfect holiday and contact us!


About Montenegro

Montenegro, the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in so many ways, is situated on the south side of the Adriatic Sea. Nowhere else you can’t find so much natural wealth, wild beaches, clear mountain lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro.

In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains.

Excellent food & wine will make your vacation more tasteful and harder to forget.

We promise that Montenegro will not leave you indifferent. Not only an excellent choice for holidays, Montenegro has many other remarkable characteristics: history, culture, tradition, good weather conditions, clean air, beautiful nature and the blue Adriatic Sea.

And our travel agency will help you experience all of that and more :).