You like adventures? If the answer is YES, Montenegro could be the best place for your adventure vacation. Montenegro has been declared as the best European country for adventure tourism.

All of our adventure tours are organized in north of Montenegro and cities that we suggest during your stay are Kolašin and Žabljak.

We offer different types of adventure tours:

1. Rafting on Tara river

2. Jeep safari

3. Biking

4. Hiking

5. Hunting

6. Paragliding

7. Fly fishing

1. Rafting on Tara river is adventure tour full of adrenaline. We offer different kind of rafting tours on this amazing river, with the most beatiful and one of the biggest canyon in the Europe and the world.

We offer:

1-day rafting tour during which we will pass 96 km long way

2-day rafting tour on Tara river

1-day rafting tour during which we will pass 14 km long way

Rafting tour on Tara river combined with jeep safari adventure on the surrounding mountains

Which of the rafting tours should you choose? It all depends on how adventurous you are :).

2. Jeep safari is one of the good ways to discover mountains of Montenegro. If you like mountains, great mountain tops, glacier lakes and unique view over our beautiful country, but you’re not keen into hiking and biking, then jeep safari tours that we organize are just what you’re looking for.

We organize jeep safari tours on our most famous and most beautiful mountains such as Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Durmitor and you get the chance to see some of the most beautiful lakes, national parks, rain forest and much more. For more details about jeep safari click on one of the given programs for jeep safari.

3. Biking tours in Montenegro are great way to see and explore some amazing places to which you can only get by foot or on the bike. Montenegrin biking trails and our biking tours are one of a kind adrenaline experience, which you can not miss if you are in Montenegro and you love exploring the country on a bike.

4. Paragliding over Adriatic sea or from the mountains like Bjelasica and Sinjajevina are unique adventure tours that we offer. If you’re addicted to adrenaline rush and you want to see and explore Montenegro in one of a kind way, then paragliding is what we recommend and offer.

5. Canyoning is really specific kind of adventure and canyoing in Montenegro is an amazing adventure. Canyon Nevidio is one of a kind in our country and it will make you hike, jump, swim and you’ll be amazed how beautiful it is.

Medini travel agency recommends this canyoning tour for all those who want something really different and want to make an effort while they explore new destinations.

6. Hunting tours in Montenegro are something that we offer during the hunting season under license of Hunting association. Montenegro has diverse fauna and it’s famous for well organized hunting areas and our travel agency is a well known partner, if you choose to go hunting while you’re in Montenegro.

7. Fishing in Montenegro is quite a good way to enjoy your time during your stay near Adriatic sea. We offer several different kind of fishing tours, starting from old fly fishing, deep sea fishing, paranagal, light and heavy trolling and night fishing.

Fishing in Adriatic Sea is one of a kind adventure, since there’s guite diverse fishing fund.

These adventure tours are organized with our dear friend and partner Tourist Agency Explorer Kolašin.

We suggest hotels: BIANCA Kolašin and SOA Žabljak