Biking tours

Biking tour Tori-Pjenavac

After breakfast we organize transfer from Kolasin to Lugovi and then biking tour starts from Lugovi place, which is located about 3km from Kolasin at a height of about 950m. From here starts off road biking tour to katun Tori located at 1350m. From Tori we continue to the village Prekobrdje, where we visit a monastery and make a short break and proceed to the bridge Pjenavac, where the tour ends. Lunch packages will be provided. Pjenavac is located in the village Međuriječje at an altitude of 300m.Altitude is 1000 m, length of tour is approximately 32km, and the duration is about 4h-4.5h. After this tour we organize transfer from Pjenavac to Kolasin.


Price per person is 60 EUR.

Off road biking tour on Bjelasica mountain

This tour starts from the village Matesevo, located 9km from Kolasin at an altitude of 900m. We go across village Planinica to the village Recine, where famous monastery Cirilovac is located. There we will make short break, because from this place starts more demanding uphill to the peak Kljuc. Kljuc is located at an altitude of 1800m. From there beautifull view is spreading on Kolasin and mountains: Bjelasica, Komovi, Sinjajevina, Moracke planine… From Kljuc we procced down to the place Barutana, located 2km from Kolasin, where the tour ends. 

The length of this tour is 28km. Duration of the tour is 4h. Altitude difference is about 900m.

Price per person is 69 EUR.

Biking tour Stavna-Ski center-Kolasin

This biking tour starts the village Stavna. From here we start slightly lowering the asphalt road in the length of 4km to the village Trešnjevik. From Tresnjevik we proceed trough Mountain Lisa to eco lodge Krivi Do. Lunch packages will be provided. Continuing along the off road through the katun Klisure and come to the mountain home Vranjak, located on the mountain Bjelasica at an altitude of 1760m. Frtom Vranjak we procced down to the Ski Resort Kolasin1450 where the tour ends. The length of this tour is 22km, the tour will last about 4h.

Price per person is 85 EUR.

Off road biking tour across mountain Sinjajevina

We start this tour from the village Lipovo which is only 12 km from Kolasin and is located along foothills of the mountain Sinjajevina at an altitude of 1050m. From Lipovo starts biking tour over the saddle Vratlo, located on 1730 m and continue through katun Jecmen Do along the foothills of Jablanov vrh, one of the highest peaks on Sinjajevina mountain, which is on 2203m and arrive to church Ruzica. Next to church we do short break for refreshment. Lunch packages will be provided. After that we proceed to Mojkovacka side of Sinjajevina mountain, trough katun Ckara next to Polja village, which is located in Mojkovac at 820m. That is the end of the tour. Track length is 26km. Duration of tour is 3-3:30h. Altitude difference is about 900m.

Price per person is 80 EUR.

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