Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is situated in the depths of Montenegrin rocks, where steeps of Durmitor and Vojnik had a centuries long battle due to geological disorders. It is the last conquered canyon in Europe. Montenegrin mountaineers have conquered it in 1965. Symbolism of its name Nevidio (Not see) or Nevidbog (its other name) resembles to mysterious inaccessible characteristic of the canyon that was hidden from the man`s eye for ages.
The canyon is 3.4 km long and it is situated 75 km away from Kolašin. The great waterfall of Grabovina is situated hundred meters before the entrance. Vertical rocks, waterfalls, narrow passages, tight canals and a gallery of figures are the main actors of the story about canyon Nevidio.

Other characteristics of the canyon are extreme as well: it is 0,5 – 150 meters wide; its height is from 350-400 meters; depth from 0,5 – 25 m and everything on the altitude of 1050 meters.
You can be the part of the team to conquer this canyon, accompanied by experienced guides.

Price per person is 80 EUR.

Price includes: insurance, guide, lunch packages, refreshment in the canyon, equipment. Minimum 4 people is required to organize this trip.

Price per person is: 100 EUR

Price includes: lunch packages, refreshment in the canyon, insurance and guide.

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