Transfer from Kolasin is organized to Kolasin to the ski resort. From the ski resort Kolasin(1450 m above sea level)we start hiking tour to the highest peak on Bjelasica-Crna Glava(Black Head) 2139m above seal level. Along the way we will arrive to mountain hut Vranjak, 1760 m above sea level. By mountain Hut we will make short stop during which you will enjoy beautiful view of surrounding mountains (Moracke Mountains, Komovi, Prokletije, Sinjajevinu). After making short stop we continue along foothills of Troglava and Zekova Glava and arrive at Crna Glava, from where a great view is spreading on Pesica, Ursulovacko and Sisko Lake. Those are mountain lakes on Bjelasica, after sightseeing we precede towards another viewpoint on the roof of Bjelasica from where we walk all the way to eco village Goles.

We start this tour with transfer from Kolasin by jeeps towards starting rafting point- Splaviste, 65 km.Along the way we will pass by National Park Biogradska Gora and town Mojkovac.Than we proceed further through Crna Poda rainforest, which is one of the biggest places populated by black pine in Europe. We start rafting tour from Splaviste , which is whithin National Park Durmitor.During the tour guests will enjoy untouched nature of the National Park, passing by river Ljutica , which is the shortest river in Europe and under famouse Djurdjevica Bridge which is 149m high.

Biking tour Tori-Pjenavac

After breakfast we organize transfer from Kolasin to Lugovi and then biking tour starts from Lugovi place, which is located about 3km from Kolasin at a height of about 950m. From here starts off road biking tour to katun Tori located at 1350m. From Tori we continue to the village Prekobrdje, where we visit a monastery and make a short break and proceed to the bridge Pjenavac, where the tour ends. Lunch packages will be provided. Pjenavac is located in the village Međuriječje at an altitude of 300m.Altitude is 1000 m, length of tour is approximately 32km, and the duration is about 4h-4.5h. After this tour we organize transfer from Pjenavac to Kolasin.

From Kolašin we drive in jeeps, the road takes us through the ski center Kolasin (15 minutes), all the way across one of the most beautiful mountains in Montenegro-Bjelasica. After driving up to the mountain along an off-road and passing through some traditional villages we arrive to the Mountain Home Vranjak, 1740 m above sea level, After making a short stop by the Home we drive further towards one of the most beautiful viewpoints, situated at the foothills of 3 highest peaks of Bjelasica: Troglava, Zekova Glava i Crna Glava, above 2000 m of an altitude. After another short photo stop at the viewpoint we drive further along the scenic Mountain entering the National Park-Biogradska Gora and driving through it all the way to the most beautiful viewpoint Bendovac at about 1774 m above sea level.

Canyon Nevidio is situated in the depths of Montenegrin rocks, where steeps of Durmitor and Vojnik had a centuries long battle due to geological disorders. It is the last conquered canyon in Europe. Montenegrin mountaineers have conquered it in 1965. Symbolism of its name Nevidio (Not see) or Nevidbog (its other name) resembles to mysterious inaccessible characteristic of the canyon that was hidden from the man`s eye for ages.
The canyon is 3.4 km long and it is situated 75 km away from Kolašin. The great waterfall of Grabovina is situated hundred meters before the entrance. Vertical rocks, waterfalls, narrow passages, tight canals and a gallery of figures are the main actors of the story about canyon Nevidio.

From Žabljak we drive in jeeps towards ski center Štuoc. Further we drive to visit highest villages in Balkans (which are inhabited throughout whole year): Bosača and Mala Crna Gora from where you will see Crno Lake. We will reach the height of 2000m with our vehicles, and then we will drive down the Sušica canyon. This canyon divides Piva Mountain and Durmitor and is very famous for its vast population of dark bear. After that we will continue to the Nedajno village and than through Pivska Mountain, Piva plateau we will arrive to village Trsa, where lunch will be organized in a national restaurant.

• Arrival to Zabljak and dinner in private accommodation.
• Overnight in private accommodation in Zabljak.


• Breakfast
After breakfast bank fly fishing day on Black Lake.
Black Lake is on a walking distance from the town center and it is truly magnificent. Black Lake is just one of the 18 glacial lakes in Durmitor but definetly the biggest attraction.

Driving in jeeps from Kolašin the road takes us to the village Trebaljevo, which is one of the most beautiful vilalges in Kolasin, situated along the Tara River. From Trebaljevo we start our hiking tour across Bjelasica Mountain , passing through beautiful scenary of the Mountain.
Further we countinue hiking tour to katun Goleš which is situated on the border of the National Park Biogradska Gora. From this katun a great view is spreding on the National park on the height of 2000 meters above sea level. From Goleš we start hiking tour down through Biogradska Rainforests, one of the two best protected forests in Europe, down to Biogradsko Lake which is situated in the heart of national park.