Why should you choose Montenegro for your holiday?

This is the time of the year when people plan their summer vacation. There are lot of destination in offer in every travel agency or booking websites. It is quite difficult to chose these days because a offer is quite big. On one side you have popular destinations like Spain and Italy and on another not-know destination in the Mediterranean like Montenegro. Lot of people actually never heard of Montenegro, but the older one are remembering the Yugoslavia but not the countries ( then republic) that formed the big country. So we are arriving at the point: why visit Montenegro?
It is a small country with very rich history, amassing natural wonders with 4 national parks and 2 UNESCO protected sites(Kotor bay and NP Durmitor). Beaches and the seaside of the Montenegro are completely different than the rest of Adriatic seaside. You will feel like in fairy tale. You can choose either the adventurous holiday or beach one, the offer is really big and keeps on growing. Wine & food is mix of different cultures and conquester that has been on this region. Nature and history are the good things to know and see but the locals you will just loved. They are all friendly and very polite and always ready to help and give the best advice. So whatever holiday you chose I suggest to visit Montenegro. I hope to see you in our country