This is the time of the year when people plan their summer vacation. There are lot of destination in offer in every travel agency or booking websites. It is quite difficult to chose these days because a offer is quite big. On one side you have popular destinations like Spain and Italy and on another not-know destination in the Mediterranean like Montenegro. Lot of people actually never heard of Montenegro, but the older one are remembering the Yugoslavia but not the countries ( then republic) that formed the big country. So we are arriving at the point: why visit Montenegro?

Dear visitors,

we are always trying to offer you something new and interesting. Our new excursion will be in one old salina close to Tivat that we thing you are going to like it. It it suitable for birdwatchers and nature and history lovers. 

The historical importance of this place is very big as it is the natural one. For now enoy the photos the tour is coming soon!

Dear visitiors,

from this year we are organising private so called "standard" excursion in Montenegro and nearby counties. Offen we heard : Why should we choose private excurison over regural one? Yes regural one cost less but it not the same expirience. People who try it are knowing the best. One of the most popular one is Montenegro Tour that we can realise any time of the year.

For more information please contact us and let us be your agency in Montenegro!

Skadar lake is the biggest lake in Balkan peninsula and it is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Is was a border between Montenegro and Ottoman empire and it is full of interesting places like fortresses and untouched monasteries isolated from the land. The old abandoned stone houses, rivers that are floating into lake and bird species that you cannot find anywhere else make this lake special...

We are wishing you all the best in New Year! Lots of travel, emotions and new interesting things that you will try this year.

If you decide to visit Montengro, we are at you service!


Vlado Medin

Managing Director

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