Big Game Fishing

Medini Travel Agency organizes Big Game Fishing Montenegro, first and unique fishing offer on Montenegrin coastline!

Fishingin Montenegro is quite a good way to enjoy your time during your stay near Adriatic sea. We offer several different kind of fishing tours, starting from old fly fishing, deep sea fishing, paranagal, light and heavy trolling and night fishing.

Fishing in Adriatic Sea is one of a kind adventure, since there’s guite diverse fishing fund.

With a tradition of 10 years, we offer a possibility to fish using the most modern equipment and technology.

Boats have two GPS devices, two echo sounders, radio connection (VHS system), first aid kit, toilet, double bed cabin and engine of 200 HP, also concerning the overall characteristic they are the only boats in Montenegro for this type of fishing.

The techniques we use and practice while fishing in the Adriatic sea are:

Light trolling
Heavy trolling
Night drifting (night fishing)
Deep sea fishing (fishing in the deep sea, from 6 to15 miles from the coast of Montenegro)
Paranagal (traditional fishing)


Fish that we caught can be prepaired on the beach called “Golubinjska rupa”, which can be accessed only by the boat

500 EUR in total – all techniques accept “Night drifting“
600 EUR in total – all techniques including “Night drifting”

NOTE: Boat is for 4-person maximum, in case there is a bigger group, we use two boats.

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