Skadar Lake Gastro Tour

We are welcoming you to Skadar Lake Gastro tour. On this tour, you will have a chance to explore magnificent Lake of Skadar and taste the local cuisine that you will adore. Our host will add personal touch to this tour. All you need to do is to enjoy!

We are starting from Virpazar where we are embarking on a boat. This route takes you through breathtaking landscape from Virpazar to Dodosi. During the summer time the village of Karatuna is surrounded by green fields and the rive; however during the autumn it becomes peninsula. Villagers are occupied with fishing and cattle breading, grape growing and agriculture.

Our next stop is Karuč .There we will visit ruins of winter home of Sveti Petar Cetinjski, where he was staying during cold winters, beyond two underwater springs – Volac and Karuc, lays a typical angler village. Because of the attractive locations and fantastic landscape, Karuč is a very important touristic destination. We are visiting the private house where you will try fish from the lake and homemade wine. Time in this this place has stopped a long time ago so you have an opportunity to enjoy the silence and food. After a lunch, we are returning to Virpazar.

*Maximum number of persons for this tour is 6.

Prices availble upon request.

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