Wine road - Winery Buk

We are inviting you to join us on our wine tasting tour of Buk winery, one of the best private wineries in Montenegro.

Buk winery has a long family tradition in the production of premium wines. Since 2010 they  sell four wine products, two of which are red wine varieties,one white and one rose:

Red wine Vranac (indigenous Montenegrin variety)
Red wine Marselan (French variety developed by crossing Cabernet sauvignon and Black Grenache),
White wine Chardonnay
Wine Rose (blend of Marselan, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon).

Family vineyards and winery is located in Crmnica region, village Bukovik. Crmnica is the home of the Vranac and best known wine-growing area, with the longest tradition of winemaking in Montenegro. Crops of vineyards with a total 6,000 grapevines, dominated Vranac, were erected on the specific grounds of cascading terraces and range from 270 m to 700 m above sea level.


1-3 person 48 EUR per person

3-6 persons 38 EUR per person

This tours includes: Wine tasting of 3 different wines with snack,mini van transport and guide in English

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