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If you want to feel a spirit and tastes of Orient in Montenegro, Medini Travel Agency suggests you to join the visit of City of Bar Visit the Old Bar, the meeting point of different religions, traditions, cultures and customs. This is the place where the Orient met the West. Through history conquered by the many, it inherited and kept the spirit of its conquerors. Once one of the most inhabited cities of Montenegrin coast today is called the town of ghosts.

There are no citizens inside its fortress but it remained one of the richest archaeological sites in this area. Inside you can see the remains of old Orthodox and Catholic churches, Turkish bath, Venetian palaces and many more inherited from the past. The street that leads us to the fortress is the one with the strongest Oriental spirit that for centuries persist and gives that specific charm. Here you can still find traditional crafts, people who socialize on the street… Still, the food maintained the most of oriental tradition. To provide you complete the picture of Orient in Montenegro, we are offering you a tasting of traditional Turkish dishes, typical only for this part of Montenegro.


Departing :

10:00 AM from Budva

Visiting - Old City of Bar

On our way, we are passing by Sveti Stefan, unique settlement nestled on a small peninsula. After short photo stop on viewpoint above Sveti Stefan, we proceed direction southeast. After few kilometers, the small town of Petrovac and its beaches will appear on the right-hand side. In about 45 minutes, we will arrive to the town of Bar. Guided tour through the Old City.

Lunch - Local Tavern

The tavern is arranged in such way to keep authenticity and preserve tradition and customs of the Old City of Bar. They will offer you a great opportunity to taste domestic specialties grabbed from oblivion, prepared in old fashion way, by the recipes of our grandmothers.

Visit - Old Olive tree

One of peculiarities of our coast are also olive trees. In the good old days sailors from this region were not allowed to marry before they planted certain number of olive trees. Thanks to this custom there are more than 500 000 olive trees along Montenegrin seaside.
Few minutes away from the Old City of Bar by bus, there is a place where one of three oldest olive trees in the world grows more than 2.000 years. This olive tree still gives the fruits.

Duration: approximately 6h


1-2 person 50 EUR

3-4 Person 45 EUR

4-6 person 35 EUR

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