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Winery Mašanović has a centuries old family tradition. Since 1969. is engaged in limited production of premium wines and alcoholic beverages.

The winery is located at the site where King Nikola's owned his vineyards and wine cellar. Rely on the modern technology and traditional methods of wine - wine aging in oak "barrique" barrels. The vineyard is located in Orahovo polje, at an altitude of 10 m. The specific content of the soil allows the vines receive optimal moisture.

Vranac is the indigenous variety in this area of , and our vineyard grow the following varieties: Vranac, Kratošija, Marselan and Petit Verdot, aged 5 to 40 years, about 2000 vines. In this climate favorable areas are successfully growing French varieties Marselan and Petit Verdot. Their production is limited on 2000-2500 bottles per year.

Winey Mašanović offers:
1. Vranac barrique “Krin”
2. Wine blend of Vranac, Marselan and Petit Verdot “Dionis”
3. Natural sweet wine
4. 7 types of fruit brandies

Price: 45 EUR / per person

*the group is limited on 6 persons

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