Canyoning tours

Canyoning is not canoeing or rafting and canyoning in Montenegro is something really special.

 In canyoning in Montenegro, we don’t use a boat, we walk down rivers, jump from some places, slide some toboggans, and rapel down with the rope (abseiling) on some vertical cliffs under or nearby waterfalls.

 During canyoning, we visit places that have eroded by the power of the water and along the way we discover all the natural pools that were made by the time.

It is a discovery of amazing beauty in a natural and quiet environment, but in a same time you have to over pass some difficult pathways and go down some vertical cliffs.  But no need to worry, everybody can do it and there’s no need to be an accomplished athlete or to be and extreme sports lover!

 Canyoning is not an extreme activity, it is an adventure full of adrenaline and it can be practiced safely with licensed guides.

 All of canyons are equipped with new connected inox anchors in order to cross them safely.

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