Canyoning in Old Bar

Old town Bar, Montenegro
This tour is for beginners and family with kids from 9 years old
It takes from 2 to 3 hours to go through canyon
Price: 45 euros per person
Meeting point: Stari Bar, 10 a.m., dressing up suits and harness and walk to entrance of the canyon 11 a.m., 3 hours through the canyon with tobbogan slides, rappel down the rope (8 and 6 meters high), jumping and walking. 10 minutes do walk up at the end to arrive to the car. The river doesn’t dry out during the summer
SPORT CANYONING PROGRAM (minimum 5 people)
Bar- Dobre Vode :
It takes from 4 to 6 h to go through canyon
Price: 100 euros per person;
9 a.m. Meeting point in Bar on the way to Ulcinj 
Driving to the entrance the canyon, 35 minutes. From the car, walk down 15 minutes to arrive at the first descent 25 meters high with the rope. From this moment we have 10 descent between 12 and 20 meters high, under or nearby the waterfall of the narrow river. The river don’t dries during the summer
Bar- Velembuši
It takes from 6h to 7h to go through this canyon
Price: 145 euros per person
Meeting point Stari Bar and 45 minutes drive to the entrance at Dobri do.
Canyon is under the village of Milikici and behind olive trees field.
It has vertical parts which are 30 to 35 meters high andall the equipement is from old times, which means it is an adventure canyon, without so much new anchors. Walk down to the suburb of Bar for 30 minutes and we drive back for the car left at the entrance.
Canyoning tours are organized on:
Saturday: Sport tour Dobre Vode 
Sunday: Easy canyon Old town Bar
Tuesday: Easy canyon Old town Bar
Wednesday: Sport canyon Dobre Vode
Thursday: Easy canyon Stari Bar
Friday: Sport canyon Dobre Vode
All of our four guides have passed the first international ICOpro training courses that our agency organized, in October 2012 in Montenegro and in Bosnia. These training courses were supported by the Italian NGO COSV and organized in partnership with National Park Durmitor and Sutjeska. Our team was engaged as experts for adventure Tourism and canyoning. ICOpro label (International Canyoning Organisation for Professionals) is a reference in more than 50 countries.
All the clients will fill in and sign a declaration of responsibility before entering the canyon, where it is written:
a) They are able to swim 50 meters and run for 1 km
b) That they are in good healthy condition and have been informed that canyoning is a hazardous activity.
Constitution of groups:
-From 5 to 6 people maximum, with 1 or 2 guides, for the full canyon, depending on the physical condition of the guest.
-Possibility “a la carte”, 1 guide for 2 people
-Booking for 2 canyons, 10% discount
Transport is not included.
Optional: Minivan Mercedes Vito for 5 to 7 person, full equiped, 20 eur per person from Budva, 15 eur from Petrovac, 10 eur from Bar.
Wet suits especially for canyoning, 2 pieces 5 mm thick, neoprene socks, harness and helmets.
Photo shooting with camera during the descent
Energetic dry food in canyon (dry fruits, chocolate
Insurance (all clients are covered by Uniqua insurance)
A drink close to the exit of canyon.
Not included:
Pair of soakers waterproof

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