In the most southern and sunniest region of Montenegro comes the winery Milovic the best private winery on a coasline. For our guest we are organising the wine tasting tour that can include the visit of Old City of Bar (optional). Family winery has a century old tradition of production premium red wines. Location of the winery is 72 km from Budva (1h30m of driving). Their vineyard is located in micro locality called Briska Gora between Sasko lake and Adriatic sea. The specific content of soil allows the vines to receive optimal moisture. Respecting tradition and aplying modern technology they created brend "Status", powerfull and strong southern wine wioth intence ruby red color with aromas and flauvor of red forest fruit.

We are welcoming you to Skadar Lake Gastro tour. On this tour, you will have a chance to explore magnificent Lake of Skadar and taste the local cuisine that you will adore. Our host will add personal touch to this tour. All you need to do is to enjoy!

We are starting from Virpazar where we are embarking on a boat. This route takes you through breathtaking landscape from Virpazar to Dodosi. During the summer time the village of Karatuna is surrounded by green fields and the rive; however during the autumn it becomes peninsula. Villagers are occupied with fishing and cattle breading, grape growing and agriculture.

Medini proudly present you the best Montenegrian private winery- Vučinić!

Winery Vučinič with their brand Zenta is a top wine producer in Montenegro. The vineyard has 6,000 vines of Vranac, 1000 Kratošija vines and 1000 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon .Vina after the production process are aged in oak and barriques barrels of 220 liters.

The wineyards and the winery are located 67 km from Budva (around 1h of driving): Our trip will take you over Cetinje and on that road, we will have photo stop over Budva with a view over entire Budva Riviera.

Unique and the best way of knowing people and culture of one place is through its food.

We offer this unique gastronomic experience trough socialising with exceptional people. This people will try to tickle all your senses and will do their best to tell the story of cultural heritage of Bay of Kotor.

For centuries Montenegro has been famous for its wines and spirits. Montenegro is a typical southern European country, with relatively dry, mountainous and Mediterranean climate. Several of the famous grapes for which Italy is now known for, came from this area of the world, either by sea or up the Adriatic coastline to Venice, and in the modern-day through Croatia and Slovenia. The main producing regions are close to the Capital Podgorica and around Skadar Lake.

If you want to feel a spirit and tastes of Orient in Montenegro, Medini Travel Agency suggests you to join the visit of City of Bar Visit the Old Bar, the meeting point of different religions, traditions, cultures and customs. This is the place where the Orient met the West. Through history conquered by the many, it inherited and kept the spirit of its conquerors. Once one of the most inhabited cities of Montenegrin coast today is called the town of ghosts.

A unique way to explore north of Montenegro is to be part of our groups. Magnificent mountains, lakes, canyons are just a part of journey that you will never forget! Homemade cuisine of this region is just something that you will loved it. Peace and relax that you will felt there is exactly that you need. Book the tour today and be part of it!

Winery Mašanović has a centuries old family tradition. Since 1969. is engaged in limited production of premium wines and alcoholic beverages.

The winery is located at the site where King Nikola's owned his vineyards and wine cellar. Rely on the modern technology and traditional methods of wine - wine aging in oak "barrique" barrels. The vineyard is located in Orahovo polje, at an altitude of 10 m. The specific content of the soil allows the vines receive optimal moisture.

We are inviting you to join us on our wine tasting tour of Buk winery, one of the best private wineries in Montenegro.

Buk winery has a long family tradition in the production of premium wines. Since 2010 they  sell four wine products, two of which are red wine varieties,one white and one rose:

Red wine Vranac (indigenous Montenegrin variety)
Red wine Marselan (French variety developed by crossing Cabernet sauvignon and Black Grenache),
White wine Chardonnay
Wine Rose (blend of Marselan, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon).

Family vineyards and winery is located in Crmnica region, village Bukovik. Crmnica is the home of the Vranac and best known wine-growing area, with the longest tradition of winemaking in Montenegro. Crops of vineyards with a total 6,000 grapevines, dominated Vranac, were erected on the specific grounds of cascading terraces and range from 270 m to 700 m above sea level.


1-3 person 48 EUR per person

3-6 persons 38 EUR per person

This tours includes: Wine tasting of 3 different wines with snack,mini van transport and guide in English